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Behind-the-scenes make-up; Get Jessica’s holiday look!

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This week, the SFL-TV crew taped the host tosses for Sunday’s holiday special, SFL-TV’s Holiday Fix: Your guide to surviving the holidays in South Florida. Hosts Dave Aizer and Jessica Alpern had the pleasure of being glammed up by one of the best in the biz in South Florida, Shaquira Bonilla!

Behind-the-scenes: Shaquira touches up Jessica in between takes and looking over scripts!

Behind-the-scenes: Shaquira touches up Jessica in between takes and looking over scripts!

Take a look at Jessica’s on-camera look! These are stills taken from the actual show:


Still from Sunday’s holiday special, tune in Sunday at 5PM to see how Shaquira’s makeup lights up on-air!

Here’s how Shaquira created her look:

“I used the amazing line of OP Makeup Studio : their HD face primer to keep the face from looking oily and to help smooth fine lines and make the makeup last longer. I used their new HD cream foundation, their Duo corrector concealer in medium beige/orange (I can’t live without it) for the eyes and blush I used one of my favorite, their palette the ; from dawn till dusk universal palette also.¬† For highlight I used the Ofra cosmetics Illuminating blush stripes and for the lips I used Pasadena liquid lipstick, also from Ofra cosmetics. The reason I chose this type of makeup is that it was meant to evoke a holiday theme… so I wanted to give her a glamorous look! That’s why I chose light golds and decided¬† to smoke out the outer corners of her eyes. I used lots of highlight and a peachy blush to make her look fresh.¬† And soft lips to not over shadow the beautiful red of the dress.”


Products used to create Jessica’s look (mentioned above)

Products used to create Jessica's look (mentioned above)

Products used to create Jessica’s look (mentioned above)

OP Makeup Studio on Instagram: @opmakeupstudio, Call 305-775-0125

The OP Makeup Studio is the official line of the Miss Universe Pagaent, who Shaquira also does makeup for!

Contacting Shaquira:
Call 786-879-2346 or visit! Also follow her on Instagram @beautybyshaq.