FL woman keeps live alligator in home, but may have to find bigger digs for him

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LAKELAND, FL –  When you have a choice between James Bond and an alligator, you either have a great dinner date, or you are the dinner, and that’s not so great.

There’s a woman in Florida, though, who has done more than bond with a gator.

She’s Mary Thorn of Lakeland, and Rambo is her pet gator.

She’s had Rambo for 11 years, ever since she took him as a rescue gator.

He has his own four-wheeler for roaming the roads and alleys.

Yeah, that would make him an alley-gator.

He’s also a member of her family, which folks around those parts think is kinda crazy.

Rambo lives in Mary’s house. She has photos of him stalking the fridge for food, and maybe watching NewsFix on the television.

Rambo’s legal. He has a license from the state to live with Mary, but the state boys may not renew the license because Rambo may become too big to live on Mary’s property.

Mary says she’s not the only one who’ll be upset if she can’t keep Rambo. She says he’s a big hit at charity events when he shows up in her motorcycle sidecar.

See ya, later, alligator, and please don’t eat your Florida gator gal.

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