Scientists say one of King Tut’s daggers is made from ‘extraterrestrial’ material

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LUXOR, EGYPT - Oh, mummy!

You won't believe what some scientists have decided about Egypt's famed pharaoh King Tut.

Researchers have concluded that one of the boy king's daggers may be from out of this world!

Yeah, the Egyptian and Italian scientists published their finding in the journal "Meteoritics and Planetary Science," and they have determined that the dagger -- one of two blades buried with the king -- was made of meteorite.

And to get to the "point" of the matter, now researchers have a real mystery on their hands--  how did the ancient Egyptians forge an iron blade out of a meteorite?

Well, scientists aren't sure, but they are confident they're right about the blade being made from a meteor since they used a special state-of-the-art X-ray fluorescent light to analyze it.

They even believe that Egyptians called it "iron of the sky" about a century after King Tut's death.

Which makes you wonder what they thought when they saw those ancient space rocks?

Well, one thing about scientific theories....they only last a while until somebody else comes along and sticks a dagger in them!

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