We’ll Miss You, DWade

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So Dwyane Wade has turned in his flip flops for a winter coat, and he’s left us to play for his hometown team, the Chicago bulls … it probably doesn’t hurt they offered him 7million dollars more than the heat did. So what we do? Well, we could get mad. At Pat Riley for “only” offering Wade 40 million dollars over 2 years. After all, DWade’s the face of the franchise. He helped bring us three titles. …. Or we could get mad at Wade … 40 million bucks is a ton of money especially since, let’s be honest, he’s 34 and on the downslope of his career. And where’s his loyalty to us?

We could revisit the whole who’s the greatest south florida sports star of all time and compare him to Dan Marino. Marino didn’t win any titles, of course he didn’t have Shaq or lebron helping him. But if we do that, somebody, Marino or Wade, gets shortchanged.

So let’s just honor a guy who played 13 years for our Miami Heat, suffering through countless injuries and delivering countless jaw-dropping moments. He’s the closest thing to a Heat lifer we’ve ever had. Heck, we even nicknamed Dade county Wade county. So thank you, Dwyane Wade for making Heat games the best ticket in town and helping us throw not 1, not 2, but 3 championship parades.

We’ll miss you Dwyane and we love you. Except for when your Bulls come back to play the Heat. Then we hope you lose.

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