Arrow: Oliver gets arrested for being Green Arrow, decides best course of action is to once again be Green Arrow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (S06:E07)

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s our Thanksgiving episode of Arrow and that means turkey, family and the police showing up to arrest your dad!

Oh and one big moment in the crossover! But I’ll get to that in a moment.

During the unveiling of a new police HQ, FBI agent Samanda Watson arrests Oliver for being the Green Arrow and the crimes perpetrated during the Green Arrow’s vigilantism.

After a quick stint in lock-up Oliver is released on bail because the very public mayor isn’t much of flight risk.

For a brief moment an injectable created by Curtis heals John Diggle allowing him to resume as the Green Arrow but a debilitating stumble in the field puts Diggle in the hospital in part from withdrawals from the steroid he had been taking to quell his tremors.

Faced with a crisis, Oliver puts on the mask once again.

Cayden James and Black Siren also return this episode to terrorize Star City and deliver a message. Once the bomb plot is exposed as a fraud Cayden James reveals his only motive was meet the Green Arrow in person.

James tells the Green Arrow he’s out for revenge, revenge for the death of his son. How this connects to the Arrow isn’t mentioned, but Felicity does get an identity on James’ son -  Owen Post who went missing while James was in the ARGUS prison. 

If the preview didn’t spoil it for you, one of the biggest moments of the four show crossover was the ending! With Felicity and Oliver tying the knot in a double and intimate ceremony with Barry and Iris as John Diggle presides.

But all isn’t safe for Oliver in our new trailer as it appears someone on the team has betrayed Oliver to FBI Agent Samanda Watson! Who could it be?

Plus Black Siren and Cayden James. With the James revenge reveal and Watson’s arrest. I’m left asking is the Season long villain Cayden James or is it the FBI?

Our midseason finale is upon us in the next new Arrow - Irreconcilable Differences! 

Photography by Rueben Gonzales