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One of the most famous Marlins of them all, Jeff Conine, heads up the conine clubhouse at Memorial’s Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital. When a child is undergoing hospital treatment at Memorial, the Clubhouse offers access to some of the comforts of home for the child and their family. We went to Jeff Conine’s Celebrity Poker tournament and asked Caitlin Beck Stella, the CEO of Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital, about the partnership the hospital has with Jeff and his wife Cindy.

"He's our ambassador. He's our connection to all kinds of other supporters because people love him and they love us. So we're really fortunate to have him and Cindy as our partners. We couldn't be happier, they are just wonderful people," said Stella.


The hospital is one of the premiere child care centers in all of South Florida and it offers a wide range of medical services for children.

Stella adds, "We are the whole package. We take care of broken bones, emergency room, little things, colds ... all the way up to heart transplants, kidney transplants, major chemotherapy, hematology, oncology. We have amazing programs."

To learn more about the Conine Clubhouse and its partnership with Memorial go to and search Conine.

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