Inside South Florida: A Look At HHN 2018

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It's that time of year again, Universal Studios will be holding their annual Halloween Horror Nights with its 28th year in a row.

This year's theme revolves around 1980's horror including classic films like Halloween 4, Trick'r Treat, and the new Netflix series Stranger Things.

“We love the 80’s, when we were developing all of the different concepts, both original and our intellectual property houses, we put them in a big pile and realized what we have done. Everything is 80’s inspired this year,” said Show Director, Patrick Braillard.

Netflix’s throwback sci-fi series ‘Stranger Things’ provided the inspiration for one of the mazes. Guests will walk through Will Byer’s home, where Christmas lights blink over his living room and 80’s newspapers cover the hole Byer’s mother chopped into the wall. Byer’s room includes exact replicas of his monster drawings from the show and the portal Nancy uses to enter the upside down.

“We had the opportunity here at Halloween Horror nights to partner with Netflix and the wildly popular show ‘Stranger Things’. So our guests are going to be diving into the very first season of that and being terrified by the demogorgon the entire way,” said Braillard.

Not only do they have TV and movie inspired houses, but they also have some original content too.

Halloween Horror Nights is going down until November third. For tickets or more information— visit

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