Inside South Florida: A League Of Their Own

League of Legends is the most played PC game in the world.

For those who are not familiar with the game, League of legends is a fast paced, competitive game featuring two teams battling head to head across multiple battlefields and game modes to destroy the enemy base. Each team must employ a winning strategy to conquer their opponent.

Millions of players and fans of the game are gearing up for Worlds 2018.

It's a 24-team International competition.

The head of the North American ESports at Riot games, Chris Hopper aka Chopper tells us what we can expect at this year’s worlds.

"Every year we see upsets, we see underdogs rising like a Cinderella story. We have a pretty big show, it's not just about the league and the master on display as much as we want to highlight that, I just wanna make sure it's a great show for the fans," says Hopper.

ESports not only appeals to those in the gaming world, it also catches the attention of well-known athletes.

"It used to just be the guys that came up through gaming, they sort of formed the teams around themselves. But now they are turning into such mature, serious sporting businesses that now you see guys like Rick Fox, three-time champion, captain of the Lakers, has now built his own League of Legends team. And runs Echo Fox, which is a team in our league. You see current NBA players like Andre Iguodala, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant. It's just a great intersection of both sports and gaming and I think you're seeing a lot of traditional sports guys leaning into ESports as like maybe this is kinda bigger in the future and they want to make sure they are involved" adds Hopper.

For more information on League of Legends, Visit LOLEPSORTS.COM

Worlds 2018 begins on October 1st and runs all the way thru November 3rd. To watch it for free go to Twitch.Tv, or ESPN Plus.

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