Celebrate Wellness: Tips to Survive Halloween Night

Keeping yourself and your family safe on Halloween can be easy with a bit of planning and premeditated street smarts.

Did you know millions of germs usually lurk inside halloween masks?  If your costume comes with a mask, consider disinfecting it with alcohol or soap and water.  Be careful trying on tester masks in stores.

Make sure you read candy labels when out trick or treating.  Keep in mind the little candies can have different ingredients.

Did you know 70 % of parents do not accompany their kids while trick or treating?

Try these tips to ensure your kids are safe while trick or treating:

  • Stay on sidewalks
  • Find ways to incorporate reflective gear on their costumes or accessorize with glow sticks
  • Use flashlights
  • Have a responsible adult supervising

Planning on painting your face, the CDC recommends the following:

  • Test face paint before using, this will make sure the paint does not irritate your skin
  • Pay attention to your eyes.  Unless you have prescribed contacts, stay away from spooky contact lenses

Chocolate may be a favorite in your goodie bag but it is actually deadly for dogs and cats.

Pet insurance companies see a 25% spike on Halloween week, so be extra careful with your pets.




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