Inside South Florida: Conrad Spa

It's Ft Lauderdale Spa Month, now through the end of September. So Melissa and Dave checked out Conrad Ft. Lauderdale Beach for some soothing relief. We started things off with a massage, because being a TV host is hard work.

" For Melissa's massage we utilized body oils specifically sage and pineapple, which is an excellent South Florida Blend and he incorporated elements specifically for her by introducing hot stones as well as placement stones to bring an energetic climate during her treatment and improve her relaxation response," says Alline Arguelles, Spa & Recreation Manager.

Now, it was Dave's turn, and he opted for the facial to keep his ruggedly masculine skin smooth.

"After a nice deep exfoliation, we move into a deep lower body massage and then an application of a re-nourishing facial mask which is really great for after the summer and all of that summer sun. We really want to bring that nourishment back into the skin," says Arguelles.

While you’re being pampered, you should sip on some water to stay nourished, but this is different than the water you’re used to. It's vita jewel gem stone infused waters.

Speaking of water, after your spa services, you’re invited to spend the day at the sky deck with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Lounge by the pool while enjoying a complimentary cocktail or glass of champagne.

So, if you’re thinking of taking advantage of the remaining days of Ft Lauderdale’s Spa Month, the Conrad will cater to you.

To get your relaxation on, go to

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