Inside South Florida: Arc Broward

Arc Broward’s mission is to transform the community by providing opportunities for people with disabilities and other life challenges to realize their full potential.  The organization’s 6th annual Miss Arc Broward Pageant is set for November 11th at Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale.  At the pageant, young women with disabilities show off their incredible talents.  Teen Ambassadors are there to help the contestants and bond with them.

"It is such an incredible experience because I get to work with these girls and they teach me so much.  I create these friendships with them, that last for a lifetime and it really is such a wonderful experience," said Teen Ambassador Emily Aaron.

Through her experience as an ambassador, Emily’s perspective on people with disabilities has changed.

"Being involved has changed my perspective by not defining someone by their disability, but by who they are inside," said Emily.

One of the ways you can get involved during the pageant is to join a cheer squad and help inspire the young ladies.

Emily said, "Cheer squads are one of the most important things during a pageant.  When the girls walk out on stage they may be nervous but when they are in the crowd and they see their cheer squad rooting for them, it really makes them feel special on stage."

For more information about Arc Broward, the pageant, and how you can get tickets, head to


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