Inside South Florida: Elixr IV Therapy

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Welcome to Elixr IV Therapy where you can nourish your body, relax your mind and indulge in your own well- being.

The clinic offers an extensive selection of treatments ranging from vitamin infusions, booster shots, anti-aging therapy and more.

And a treatment that’s been very popular and effective is called IV therapy, which Elixr specializes in.

There are several IV bags filled with different vitamins all depending on what you’re feeling that day, and the process takes about 30 minutes.

"Everything that we do is locally sourced and from high-grade pharmaceutical companies, we also make sure our nurses have ER experience and have done hundreds of IV's," says King De, Owner, Elixr IV Therapy.

If you’re an athlete, you’d get the performance bag.

"Our performance bag has magnesium, all the B vitamins, Vitamin C. Magnesium helps with muscle soreness, so a lot of our athletes who are working out every other day will use that to help treat those symptoms," says De.

And if you’re feeling sick there’s a bag for you too.

" So I'm a trainer in the Miami area and I can't afford to be sick. Any time I feel a cold coming on or I feel like I'm going to get the flu, I get the premium bag. I feel like it has more in it that will help with my cold symptoms, says Dani Dellarco, Fitness Instructor.

And if you’re afraid of needles the manager says there’s nothing to worry about.

" We reassure them that it is very quick and painless, our nurses are so experienced that we take our time to make sure our patients are very comfortable and hydrated," says De.

Another popular treatment Intramuscular Injections.

" I get the B12 shot because I decided to follow a plant-based diet, people who consume animal protein can get their sources from meat. But being vegan or vegetarian we do not consume that so we have to take supplements," says Nadia Casales, Customer.

Elixr IV Therapy has three locations and offers in-home concierge services. For more information head to


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