Inside South Florida: Tips For Storing Candy

Nearly a week’s worth of calories, 12 double-scoop vanilla ice cream cones, 15 large servings of fast food fries, or the typical bag of Halloween candy collected after a long night trick or treating, take your pick. According to children’s healthcare of Atlanta Strong 4 Life, they all add up to roughly 11-thousand calories.

If you’re counting calories, sugary candies (like Skittles) tend to be lower in calories than chocolate. Although, according to a 2016 Business Insider report the most healthy Halloween option is “Reece’s Pumpkins,” probably because one piece packs two grams of protein. In case you're wondering, "Sweetarts Chews" ranks worst, with 4 tiny pieces packing 150 calories and a whopping 24 grams of sugar.

Researchers say do not hide candy from yourself or your little one, the idea usually makes candy more desirable. If you keep it in the house hand it out in moderation or store it for next year.

Sugary candy like candy corn and "Smarties" can be stored away for a good three years, think about storing these for next Halloween. Pure chocolate stays good for about two years although the texture may change after one year.  When it comes to storing your candy the pros say avoid the refrigerator.

According to Hershey’s, chocolate may not melt properly if its been kept in the cold plus chocolate will absorb orders and that will alter the flavor. So which candy should we eat? Splurge on the treats with nuts first as they have a shorter shelf life because the nuts can go stale. Experts give them about a six month shelf life unless frozen, then they can last for about a year.

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