Inside South Florida: Exotics On Las Olas

Car enthusiasts, here’s one that will get you revved up. The Exotics on Las Olas car show rolled into town Sunday November 11th from 11am to 2pm on Las Olas Boulevard in conjunction with the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau.  It was quite the show, featuring 250 cars.

"Exotics on Las Olas has everything from classic cars to super cars to hybrid cars.  We have ferraris, bugattis, lamborghinis, there is something for everybody here," says Events Director, Floyd Raglin.

One of the featured cars was the Ford GT, only one of about 400 in the world. There was a Veteran’s Day charitable component as well, involving a worthy organization.

"We have the Wounded Warriors Relief Fund coming out and they are going to be the beneficiary of this event.  We have a portion of the proceeds from restaurants going to this charitable organization and we have stores giving a portion of their proceeds.  We're going to have some raffles and because its Veterans Day we have a color guard.  We are looking at a fly over of Las Olas," said Sports Development Business Manager, Dawson Pritchett.

All in all, the Exotics on Las Olas car was a great way to spend November 11th.  For more information head to

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