Cheap Seats: Fit 101

Fit 101 is a brand new gym in Dania Beach with strength training, performance classes, boxing and boot camps but it’s more than just a gym. Think of it as a fitness university, where every class is branded like a college course.

"What I wanted to do was put an emphasis on this is why you're squatting, this is the proper way to do it, this is what it's going to do for you outside the gym in your day to day life," said Head Trainer Illyssa Vivo.

Illyssa brings experience as a college basketball player for Indiana State and The University of Tampa. And what she learned through her training, will be a huge benefit for you.

"I was a team captain, pretty much every team I have been on.  It came pretty automatic to me, to be able to lead people and motivate them because that's what I had to do on and off the court," said Illyssa.

Here’s a workout from their performance class aka PRF 101.

We have hurdles set up, ladders, and the boxes so you can as little of the plyometrics.  Whether you been an athlete or not, this gives you the chance to feel like one.  You don't need experience, you will get the hang of it, and get better at it as you go. It's a lot of fun," said Head Trainer Illyssa Vivo.

Sure it’s hard work, but this exercise benefits you in multiple ways.

"This will improve pretty much everything, your speed, your agility, and your coordination more than anything. Whether you realize it not, its in you day to day routine," said Illyssa.

No matter your fitness or skill level, this workout can be customized for you. Fitness 101 offers your first class for free.  For more information, head to


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