Inside South Florida: Riptide Recap

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The 3rd Annual Riptide Music Festival went down this past weekend on Ft. Lauderdale Beach.  There were over 35 artists and plenty of installations, including ours. We had a replica of the Goldberg’s living room complete with a vintage TV.   We even got to chat with Grammy Award winning artists, the Baha Men and asked them what it’s like to play their hit song "Who Let The Dogs Out" after all these years.

"It's enjoyable to see the different energy from different people from the stage and the audience.  It's always the same kind of reaction, but people get to actually see what the band can actually do.  We're a full, high energy band with great songs.  'Who Let The Dogs Out' was the icing on the cake," said Rik Carey.

"We enjoy the fact that people still love 'Who Let The Dogs Out.' It allows us to perform in front of the a lot of people and it allows us to see the expressions on their faces when they hear all of the other stuff we have to offer.  Then we hit them with the 'Who Let The Dogs Out' and everyone leaves happy.  It's a great vibe," said Dyson Knight.

"Giving them a taste of our culture is a part of the job.  We love doing that as well.  Wherever we go, we always take home with us," said Leroy Bulter.

Baha Men will be releasing a new song in January.

"It's called 'Let's Go.'  It's the last song we performed tonight and you can see it has a great vibe and feel.  It's more happy music and celebration in the sound .  We get a chance to interact with the audience, have them chanting the lyrics back at us" said Knight.

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