SoFlo Scene: Raw Pop Up

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It’s Miami Art Week and art installations come in all shapes, sizes and locations.  In fact, this year’s Raw Pop Up show takes place in an abandoned department store in Downtown Miami and it features over 80 creators, performers and musicians.

"Every single artwork, you can touch it, smell it, eat it, feel the temperature, and feel muscle tension," said Head Curator Tam Gryn.

You enter the experience through a loading dock, then take an industrial elevator, pass through an industrial kitchen that will include edible art performances, make your way through the food court, into the retail area, the control room, the music room and beyond. And in each of these rooms, the artwork is inspired by the death of retail in the context of abandoned values.

"We want locals to connect to their history by being in an historical building and activated with specific works.  Also the 70,000 tourists that are going to Art Basel to understand what the real Miami is and not just the tents or the beach," said Gryn.

Towards the end of the experience you reach the alt future and there, Aysegul Dinckok’s "Misunderstood" is waiting for you.  She and her friend, world free diving champion Sahika Ercumen, dove with sharks and the piece emphasizes the commonalities between the mysterious animals and women.

"These creatures are not dangerous, if you don't harm them.  We were in their environment and we did not harm them, and they can feel it,.  They can feel what energy we are giving to them.  They understood that we would not harm them." said Underwater Photographer/Artist Aysegul Dinckok.

Atop the installation is a gun. And that gun is a big part of the piece’s symbolism.

"The gun is to take attention or to put everyone's attention on the danger of what we are doing to nature, people, ocean, animals, women, children, everything," said Dinckok.

To learn more about the Raw Pop Up experience, check out Raw pop up on Instagram and Facebook.


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