Inside South Florida: The Woodlands at John Knox Village

The Woodlands at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach offers specialized care to its residents, fostering independence and dignity through a unique program called the Green House Project Model.

"We're the first and only skilled nursing and Green House model in the entire state of Florida. The concept is real home.  The home that we are in, this setting were every elder gets their private room and bathroom, wonderful kitchen, dinning, and hearth area," said Director of Health Care Services, Mark Rayner.

There are 12 homes in the building and each home has 12 private rooms.  At the core of the Green House model is the layout of these homes, with lots of windows and open spaces. And a state-of-the-art kitchen where the residents eat with each other and their certified nursing assistants, or Shahbazim.

"We have something what we call convivium, which is good food, good friends, and good conversation.  Here at our dinning table, like this.  Everyday they can come out and have interaction.  Loneliness, helplessness, and boredom are the three plagues that our elders deal with on a daily basis.  This model was built to take that away." said Rayner.

Clinical Director of Admissions Kandice Hudson, RN says, "In certain places if you walk in and you see the nurse or nurse assistant sitting down next to someone playing cards, you'd say get to work.  Here if you see that, that is work."

Most of the residents in The Woodlands receive long term care. But some are there for short term rehabilitation, often after surgical procedures. And the building is recognized in the community as an outstanding place for rehab.

"We work with the area's top hospitals, top ortho physicians, and spine surgeons.  Anytime someone finds themselves able to go home after a surgery or illness, they come here and we do amazing therapy," said Hudson.

Among the amenities at the Woodlands are a salon, a bistro and a gym and pets can come visit.  All of it adds up to a nursing experience that feels like home.

"The quality of care is outstanding. The therapy is amazing.  The Shahbazim, who are like aids come when you call them.  I haven't had a bad experience. Everyone is kind and helpful," said Melode, resident.

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