Inside South Florida: Second Act

Now out in South Florida theaters, Second Act stars Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens as co-workers and rivals at a big New York City cosmetics company. J-Lo’s character lies on her resume to get the job but once there, she sets out to prove that street smarts are just as important as book smarts. And I asked Vanessa why the film’s theme, that the only thing stopping you is you, is so important.

"I feel like it's something that we all know and we've heard but I feel like the validity of it sometimes gets sucked away because you have heard it. But with this movie, I think it does just a phenomenal job in really helping you understand what it truly means. If you're not happy with your life, if you feel unfulfilled, you can do something about it and you have to keep fighting, stay passionate and stay driven and be kind to yourself and forgive yourself. There are so many messages in this movie that I feel like are so important and really special. " says Vanessa Hudgens who plays "Zoe".

Vanessa's character has a great career but in her personal life something is missing, so there's a delicate balancing with regards in being happy with yourself.

"Life is challenging. We all have so much that is going on in a world where social media and technology are attacking us at all angles. There's something happening in every second. It's so important to stop, let it all go and to able to self-reflect to look in the mirror and show yourself love. Just check in. "says Hudgens.


Second Act is now in South Florida Theaters.

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