Cheap Seats: G21 Fitness

 G21 Fitness in Oakland Park is not only visually cool, it’s pretty intensive. In fact, it’s one-stop shopping for exercise. No matter your fitness needs, they’ve got plenty for you to do.

"We have personal training, we have stretch 101, we have group training, we have massages and infrared sauna, private bathrooms. We invest in the quality of the space and the quality of the trainers. The most important thing for us is to have trainers that can offer the best to our community, " said Renato Silva, owner of G21 Fitness.

As for those group classes, they’re designed scientifically for you to get stronger and healthier.

"The more muscle you have in your body, the more you're able to do, lift, lose weight  and so on. We structure the class in a scientific way, you're gonna be lifting weights. There's gonna be recovery yoga and we also have hit style conditioning and core work so we're hitting all the components to give you the most optimal results," said group director, Ty Dorce.

One other benefit of the classes, is the personal attention you’ll get from the trainers.

"We wanna have a large amount of counsel so we can offer to more that fifteen people, after twelve to fifteen people we're gonna have two trainers on the floor," said Dorce.

After you work out, it's very important to recover and there are four ways you can do that here, recovery stretching, recovery yoga, massage and infrared sauna.

"Anytime you put your body through any kind of exercise program they have to understand that the recovery is the way you're gonna make the muscle grow, make the muscle be able to expand until the goal you're trying to accomplish, " said Silva.

Every personal trainer at G21 is certified and you can book a class on G21’s app. For more information, including hours of operation, head to

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