Inside South Florida: Renovating & Preserving Little Havana

South Florida’s neighborhoods are growing and changing, developing unique identities or transforming. One of the areas that’s growing but preserving its historic character is Little Havana.

The real estate entrepreneur and developer of Barlington Group, Bill Fuller and his team were behind the developments of Ball & Chain and Azucar.

And the team has more plans.

"We have a hotel coming on board, it will be the first hotel in the cultural district. We expect that to come on board by the summer. It's called "The Tower Hotel", its a hybrid between a hotel and a hostel with a really great restaurant coming on board called "Botanica". We're excited for that because it's going to be a place where people can see Little Havana as a destination to spend time in South Florida and use it as their home as they travel around the area," said Fuller.

With a lot of plans in mind, Fuller says his main objective has always been to showcase the historic importance and beauty of Little Havana by keeping high-rises away.

"It's important to me because like my friend said, it's the "Cuban Plymouth Rock" and its an important part of Cuban history. For the neighborhood it's a place that we have to continue to acknowledge because it's full history. It's a place where we have to pay homage to the residents and to celebrate the rich culture of the neighborhood," said Fuller.

If you’ve never been to the area there's a festival the third Friday of the month and its free!

"Viernes Culturales! I'm very excited to say it's a non-profit organization that I've been a part of for many years. I currently chair the organization and we are on our 19th year. The neighborhood in Calle Ocho becomes alive with live music and artists. We have a bounce house, a face painter and balloon artist for kids.  It's just a family friendly event," said Fuller.

For more information on the event— head to



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