Tech Tuesday: Save Big on Hotel Rooms

Dori Yona is on a mission to save consumers cash, he's co-founder of an app called Earny.  It automatically tracks prices on items you buy from major retailers and helps you get a refund if there’s a drop.

"Our goal is to get consumers money back on every purchase or payment they make," said Yona.

Now they’re adding hotels to the mix, just book a refundable room and they’ll alert you about any better deal before check-in.

"So we'll track what you buy, we'll monitor the price and let you re-book the better price when it drops," said Yona.

Earny expects to save the average consumer about 75 dollars on each stay.

One thing to know, for the price protection to work you have to allow Earny to access your email so they can look for reservations. Earny also has hotel rooms at exclusive members only rates, this 5 star Las Vegas hotel was more than half off.

"We don’t store any email credentials, we don’t look at personal emails of any sort," said Yona.

Earny also has hotel rooms at exclusive members only rates, this 5-Star Las Vegas hotel was more than half off.

Another way to save big on hotel rooms is google one, if you have a paid subscription to their online storage plan you qualify for members only rates. Just go to and look for the box that says up to 40 percent off hotels then search for hotels in the area you want and look for the badge with the member’s only price to save big.


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