Supersets To Get You Ripped

Sure, when it comes to working out many of us have the best intentions. But for whatever reason sometimes we don’t get around to hitting the gym. When that happens, Heather Frey the founder of and a certified personal trainer, says you need a Plan B.

“Whenever I’m talking with friends or clients about their workout strategy, especially when they’re new, they’re always gung-ho about working out every day but then, of course, what happens – life happens. Their kids get sick, they have a deadline, a million things pop up. So, I always tell the, make sure you have a Plan B,” said Frey.

Some plan b exercises Heather recommends include riding a bike for 20-30 minutes of walking up and down the stairs at work. Or you could really challenge yourself.

So, one of my favorite Plan B’s are supersets. Supersets are quick, convenient and you can do them anywhere. They are a set of two or more exercises you do in a row without stopping. Now, when you do a set of those and you rest for a minute or two, three to five sets, now you have a workout,” says Frey.

Okay sounds good to us, let’s get ready to sweat.

“Today, I’m going to show you a very basic full-body superset. And when I’m putting these together I make sure I hit lower body, middle body and upper body. For this very basic full-body superset I’m going to start with squats, these are air squats, no weight. I want you to look straight ahead, back straight. … Next, abs, arms hold your neck, don’t pull yourself up, chest to the ceiling. … next pushups, back straight … and then shoulder presses. Make sure your elbows are parallel to the ground and push straight up, and there you have it. Imagine doing ten of everything, rest for a minute or two and do it again, and again, and again. You’ll be out of breath, muscles pumping ,” said Frey.

For more about heather, and to schedule a session with her, go to and find her on Facebook and Twitter at smashfit



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