Healthy Summer Body Tips

As we reach the height of summer season, you might have noticed a lot of bloggers and blogs talking about how to achieve the perfect summer body. But let’s be real— there is no perfect body— and Dr. Michelle Pearlman emphasizes on that.

"There are some people who want to weigh 120 pounds or people who are happy at 180 pounds, it just really depends on each individuals goals. There is no perfect summer body, you really want to be in a body that you feel good in all year round," said Physician Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Michelle Pearlman.

Alright let’s forget about what you look like, it’s how you feel, and with that comes your diet.

"I actually don't use the word diet because a diet is a finite plan. So when we use the terms "fad diets" they're really restrictive, non-sustainable, short-term plans that really promote rapid weight loss. So what I usually say is "nutrition plan". We discuss what nutrition plan works best for you and everyone is different," said Dr. Pearlman.

According to Dr. Pearlman, some people -- no matter how hard they try -- can’t lose weight. She options that may work-- like bariartric surgery.

If you want more information head to and if you want nutrition tips from Dr. Pearlman you can find her on instagram @michiepearl

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