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  • Inside South Florida: Online Home Shopping Pros & Cons

    If you’re looking to buy a home here in South Florida, there are a number of ways you can do so, including shopping for houses online and that presents some benefits. ” The technology kind of gives you the capability to sit down on a Saturday night just low pressure and take your time to do some intentional leg work to see what’s out there and get familiar with the lay of the land. It kind of sets a good […]

  • Inside South Florida: Light The Night

    The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of South Florida will host two of its signature Light The Night events in November, to raise money to support the organization’s cause. We asked Leukemia survivor Julianna Guevara to share her story. ” So my story is a bit unique in that I was diagnosed when I was 23 weeks pregnant. As soon as I left the room treatment began, two rounds of chemotherapy while I was pregnant. I took a break and got […]

  • Inside South Florida: The Little Dreams & A Big Day Event

    The Little Dreams Foundation, founded by legendary musician Phil Collins and Orianne Collins fulfills the dreams of young aspiring talent in music, art and sports who don’t have the means to achieve their goals. The Foundation helps kids worldwide and in South Florida. Once kids are selected, the foundation mentors them and sets them up for success. It’s a huge opportunity for them to accomplish great things. “The kids come in for auditions and they really have their stuff together, […]

  • Inside South Florida: New York Comic Con

    Welcome to New York Comic Con 2018! NYCC was held at the Javits Center in New York City, where fans of comics, movies, TV shows and anime all unite to celebrate everything geek culture. NYCC is known to be the second biggest Con in the U.S right after San Diego Comic Con. Actors, artists, writers, cosplayers were all in attendance at NYCC. The DC universe is very well representative here at the NYCC, by having the suits of DC’s next […]

  • Inside South Florida: This Week’s Super Teacher

    There’s some serious science going down in Nelson Vega’s Biology Honors-1 class at Stranahan High School. ” Well in the class today, we are learning about the cell membrane structure. We are building different stations in the class and they show the functions and parts of the cell membrane,” says Nelson Vega, Biology teacher at Stranahan High School.  Mr. Vega teaches bio to a wide range of kids, including students from the medical magnet program, the engineering magnet program and […]

  • Inside South Florida: Joe’s Stone Crab

    It’s cracking season! South Florida’s staple,  Joe’s stone crab is back open for business bringing fresh stone crabs from the southern tip of the peninsula to Miami beach. And what differentiates Joe’s Stone crabs is the way they cook and prepare them. ” What they do is they catch the crab, pull the claw off and throw the crab back in the water. The claw is regenerated and those claws go to one of our two fishery’s, one is down […]

  • Inside South Florida: Broward Reads

    The Children’s Services Council of Broward County and Broward County Public Schools are coordinating the 6th annual “Broward Reads For The Record” on October 25th. ” We started a collation to recruit over 1,000 volunteers to read in classrooms throughout the country, but we also make sure that all four year olds and five year olds bring home the book,” says Cindy Arenberg Seltzer, President/CEO CSC Broward. And this enormous event wouldn’t be possible without volunteers. “It really takes a team […]

  • Get Inside South Florida: Rising Tide Car Wash

    If your car is in need of some TLC and you’re driving around Broward, check out rising tide car wash in either Margate and Parkland. Not only do they provide great service, but they do so with a purpose. Roughly 80% percent of the car washes staff are on the autism spectrum. “So we started Rising Tide Car Wash with a means to develop a solution for my brother Andrew, who is on the autism spectrum. Even though Andrew is […]

  • Cheap Seats: Who Will Win The NBA Title?

    The NBA season is officially upon us, so we hit the streets to ask you which team will win the NBA championship and why?

  • Tech Tuesday: Fastest Oven In The World

    There’s been no shortage of new kitchen appliances over the years, still the way we cook hasn’t changed much. Now, a new type of oven named brava wants to change that, instead of heating the air inside, brava uses infrared lights which means no pre-heating.   “You can also cook the outside and the inside of the food separately, so you can sear a steak and leave it medium rare.” says John pleasants,” brava CEO. Its special trays are divided into […]