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  • Tortoise thought to be extinct for 100 years found in Galapagos

    FERNANDINA, Galápagos – A tortoise thought to have gone extinct in 1906 has been rediscovered on an island in the Galápagos. Chelonoidis phantasticus, a species native to the island, was thought to have gone extinct over 100 years ago, but according to the Galápagos Ministry of the Environment, a female specimen was discovered alive and well Sunday. She was discovered in a patch of vegetation by the Giant Tortoise Restoration Initiative (GTRI) and may be over 100 years old. Washington Tapia, […]

  • Michigan boy uses doorbell video to ask dad a cute (and important) TV question

    HASLETT, Mich. – A Ring home security system lets people keep an eye on their homes when they are away, but a young boy in Michigan decided he could use it to ask his father a very important question. Back in November, this boy was permitted to go home and watch the “kid’s channel” while his mother was out, but he didn’t know how to turn on the television. Cue this hilarious exchange between father and son through security equipment. […]

  • Oklahoma City man loses over 140 pounds to win bet with friends

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A bet made during a night of drinking left one Oklahoma man down 140 pounds and up $2,000, according to KFOR. Tyler Segraves said it all started one night in September 2017. “My buddy and I are sitting out, hanging out drinking, having a good time, and he always gives me a hard time about my weight, and we jab back and forth at each other and he said ‘I bet you can’t lose 100 pounds in […]

  • Man sells VCR on eBay, receives heartwarming letter from buyer

    ST. LOUIS – What seemed like an ordinary eBay transaction to one St. Louis man turned into a heartwarming interaction with the customer, 86 years old and new to online shopping, according to KTVI. Matt Shoukry sold a VCR to a man in Phoenix for $40 and didn’t think much of it. “There is a need for VCRs out there because it’s something you can’t go to Best Buy or Walmart and get…,” Shoukry said. Shoukry said he typically sells […]

  • Foodie Fix: Bakan Brings A Taste Of Mexico To Wynwood

    Wynwood has yet another new restaurant. Welcome to Bakan. The Mexican-inspired eatery is located along Northwest 28th street and 2nd avenue, bringing traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern-twist and more than 500 mezcals and tequilas to sample. “Everything in this restaurant should take you to Mexico,” said Executive Chef Oscar Del Rivero. When you walk in, the first thing you see is a giant cactus and hanging basket lanterns. The scene is designed to make you feel as through you’re […]

  • Super Teachers: Mr. Eduardo Ibarra

    The students in Eduardo Ibarra’s biology class are hard at work getting down to the basics of human life. “My students are exploring the topic of cell division, and they are sketching and describing what happens in each phase of mitosis,” said Ibarra. And Mr. Ibarra is there to help them every step of the way. Between the time Mr. Ibarra spends in class, after class, and on field trips, his students get plenty of expert tutelage. And it’s part […]

  • Cheap Seats: Dolphins Draft Preview

    NFL draft talk is heating up here in Miami. As all the mock drafts are coming out let’s take a look at one player the Fins might choose at pick #13. If he’s still available, University of Oklahoma QB and Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray might be the guy. Everyone knows Miami is looking at quarterbacks and Murray can sling it. He has a great arm and makes plays with his feet outside the pocket. He’s played at a big […]

  • Here’s what shows, movies Netflix is removing, adding in March

    As we near the start of March, some movies and shows are nearing the end of their time on Netflix — but the streaming service is adding some exciting new titles, too. Here’s what’s leaving Netflix in March 2019 March 1 A Little Princess (1995) Adult Beginners (2014) Astro Boy (2009) Before We Go (2014) Bo on the Go! (1 Season) The Breakfast Club (1985) Bruce Almighty (2003) Cape Fear (1991) Christine (1983) The Cider House Rules (1999) Clangers (1 […]

  • Chicago man writes massive proposal in snow for girlfriend at work in skyscraper

    CHICAGO – A Chicago man went all out on a massive message to his girlfriend working on the 37th floor of a skyscraper: “MARRY ME.”  Bob Lempa had big plans for Valentine’s Day this year; specifically, he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Peggy Baker with a message she could see from her office window in the Blue Cross Blue Shield building. A WGN reporter noticed the message written in the snowy grass while inside a traffic helicopter, but she […]

  • Grandfather discovers heart condition thanks to children’s museum exhibit

    GRAHAM, N.C. – A North Carolina grandfather discovered a heart condition while at a children’s museum with his grandson, according to WGHP. On Jan. 14, Boyd Hudson and his grandson, Andrew, were enjoying a day at the Children’s Museum of Alamance County. Four-year-old Andrew was playing with foam blocks, his favorite area of the museum, when something else caught his attention. He was intrigued by the Listen to Your Heart exhibit, which helps children understand the heart and its rhythmic pumping through […]

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