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  • Inside South Florida: Coco

      Coco is Disney Pixar’s latest film. It tells the story of a boy named Miguel and it’s set during the Day of the Dead. Dave Aizer chats with Anthony Gonzalez, the actor who plays Miguel in the movie.  

  • Inside South Florida: Tech Report

    Rich Demuro gives us an inside look at a new  app that makes buying and selling as easy as posting on Instagram .

  • Inside South Florida: Vernon Carey

      Dave Aizer chats with former Miami Hurricane and Miami Dolphin Vernon Carey about his local foundation helping South Florida kids. For more information visit:    

  • Above and beyond! Officer unclogs street drains in bare feet during flooding

    FREMONT, Ohio — Two police officers in Fremont, Ohio went above and beyond the call of duty on Friday as it “rained cats and dogs,” according to WJW. A post on the Fremont Police Department’s Facebook page shows a photo of one officer in his bare feet trying to unclog grates and drains to get water moving on the road. The Facebook post says:  “Good evening Fremont! As you all know its been raining “cats and dogs” out there today. And […]

  • Honda recalls 900,000 Odyssey minivans after dozens of reported injuries

    Honda is recalling 900,000 Odyssey minivans after receiving 46 reports of injuries related to a problem that causes second-row seats to fall forward. The company announced the recall, which includes models from 2011 to 2017, on Saturday. 800,000 of the affected minivans were sold in the U.S. Honda is offering instructions on its website on how to correctly latch the seats to correct the safety issue. Click here for instructions on what to do if you own one of these […]

  • American Music Awards 2017: Odds of a win for Rihanna, ‘Despacito’ and more

    LOS ANGELES – The American Music Awards hand out the hardware on November 19, celebrating the top talents in popular music. While they may not have the same artistic clout as the Grammys, the AMA’s are a more accurate reflection of the public’s taste in music – good or bad – as winners are decided by fan polls heading into the show. Oddsmakers at sister site cooked up their own lines for some of the more popular AMA categories […]

  • Should you wash pre-washed lettuce?

    When you’re at the grocery store shopping for lettuce, are you willing to spend an extra dollar or two to buy a package that has been pre-washed? So if you buy pre-washed, should you still wash it? WITI Reporter Jenna Sachs visited seven grocery stores near Milwaukee and purchased 18 packages of lettuce. Eleven of the varieties purchased claimed to be pre-washed. The other seven lettuce products were not advertised as pre-washed. Sachs took the samples to Accelerated Analytical Lab to […]

  • 500 broken bones can’t slow down this talented wildlife artist

    NEW ORLEANS, La. – Katherine Klimitas was diagnosed with brittle bone disease just two weeks before she was born. Brittle bone disease, or osteogenesis imperfecta, is a disorder that causes bones to break more easily. There are different levels of the disease.  Some don’t get diagnosed until puberty, while some have a life expectancy of just two years. At 28 years old, Katherine is the size of a toddler. She has broken over 500 bones, so many she stopped counting at […]

  • Queen of England honors Alabama man whose free lawn care became a mission

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For the last three years, one man has made it his mission to help others. Now he’s being recognized for his good deeds by the Queen of England. Rodney Smith Jr. has mowed over 2,000 lawns for free in the three years since he decided to devote himself to helping the elderly, disabled, veterans, and single mothers. What started with a goal of cutting 40 lawns, turned into the Raising Men Lawn Care Service, an organization with eight chapters around […]

  • Japanese rail company sincerely apologizes after train leaves 20 seconds early

    TOKYO – The Tsukuba Express was scheduled to depart Tokyo for Tsukuba at 9:44:40. Instead, it left at 9:44:20. If you’re thinking, “the horror!” then you’ll be glad to hear that management for the Japanese rail company has formally apologized for the train’s 20-seconds-early departure. “The crew did not sufficiently check the departure time and performed the departure operation,” it said in an official statement and “sincere” apology that led to bemusement on the internet. “I once had an Israeli […]