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  • 99-year-old beautician still serves clients as birthday nears

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Callie Terrell loves making women look and feel good. “I work because this is what I’ve enjoyed doing all my life from a little girl. I always loved messing with my sister’s hair. They had beautiful hair and I always enjoyed doing this,” she told WREG. Mrs. Terrell now only works to keep busy and to satisfy a few longtime customers, like her daughter Inez. Terrell is 99-years-old and anxiously awaits her 100th Birthday in November. “Whenever I […]

  • Fantasy football 2018: Who’s up, who’s down this preseason

    RICHMOND, Va. — With each team having played at least two preseason games, there are some players rising up the fantasy football draft charts, while others are falling. Three Players Up Christian McCaffrey McCaffrey is dominating running back snaps when starters are in the game through two preseason contests. In the Carolina Panthers new offensive system, under Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner, it seems they will give McCaffrey as many touches as he can handle. The offseason addition of CJ Anderson […]

  • The Flash: DeVoe goes after Fallout as we get ready for the season 4 finale! (S04:E22)

    Hey Flash Fans! Its Richard from Zeus Comics Can the Flash squad stop Clifford the DeVoe the Thinker from launching his satellites to bring about “enlightenment” which would reboot the prefrontal cortex of everyone on Earth reverting them to a primitive state. The simple answer is no. But it’s a hell of ride getting there starting with DeVoe breaking into Argus. Which leads me to this week’s Flashpoints! DARK MATTER META MELE! DeVoe needs one final dark matter Neil Borman aka […]

  • Supernatural Meets Scooby-Do

    We’re all excited for this one of a kind crossover event between Supernatural and Scooby-Do but visuals make it better. The episode has arguably been the most anticipated hour of the show’s 13th season, which finds Sam and Dean Winchester joining forces with the Scooby gang in the live-action turned animated episode. While the synopsis doesn’t reveal too many hints about the episode’s plot, it hints that the Winchester brothers (and Castiel) will join the Mystery Machine Gang to solve a […]

  • 7-year-old’s heartbreaking letter to Santa inspires flood of donations

    EDINBURG, Texas – A 7-year-old Texas girl’s Christmas wish list has hundreds of people donating after her first-grade teacher shared her humble requests on Facebook. Ruth Espiricueta told KGBT one of her students at Monte Cristo Elementary School in Edinburg, Crystal Pacheco, wrote the letter after a lesson about the difference between wanting and needing something. “I have binde (been) good this day,” Crystal wrote. “This Christmas I would like a ball and a food. I need a blancet.” Espiricueta […]

  • The Flash: Black Bison, things get hairy with Harry, and the great Devoe mystery continues (S04:E06)

    Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! Our newest subject of the dark matter bus exposure is Mina Chaytan, the Black Bison! Originally a Firestorm villain, for the Flash TV series this Black Bison is on a quest to return stolen Native America Sioux artifacts including the Black Bison necklace. Similar to her comics counterpart, she can animate objects and statues that have human or animal like appearances. Black Bison’s quest this episode serves a greater mission as Ralph has […]

  • Possible record-breaking mushroom found in Utah

    KAMAS, Utah — A Utah man is showing off his record breaking find: the biggest mushroom in Utah history. Volker Ritzinger calls himself the mushroom king, a third-generation mushroom hunter from Austria. He says when he found a 15 inch tall mushroom weighing five and a half pounds in the Uinta Mountains, he knew he found a winner. “I let out this burst of scream and I’m like screaming and it’s all on video you know, and I saw this […]

  • Tennessee man builds 500,000-gallon pool he dreamed of as a child

    COVINGTON, Tenn. — Like many other people, Micky Thornton just wanted a backyard pool for his family when he moved to Covington, a small town north of Memphis, in 1992. But Thornton thought bigger than most people. “To start with, I probably had the idea when I was 9 or 10 years old,” Thornton told WREG-TV. “I wanted [ the pool] large in the deep end but large and deep enough you could swim around it and not feel like […]

  • School yearbook photo of student’s service dog goes viral

    STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. – Students at a Virginia high school got a big surprise when they opened their yearbooks this year. “Seeing a picture of a dog caught my eye pretty quickly,” Diana Bloom told Buzzfeed News after her tweet with a photo of the yearbook page went viral. “I thought it was so cute.” The photo shows student Andrew Schalk and his service dog Alpha. The 16-year-old junior has Type 1 diabetes and Alpha helps alert him when his blood sugar is getting […]

  • Oreo’s newest flavor ‘Firework’ tastes a lot like ‘Pop Rocks’

    Oreo has a new limited-edition flavor — and fans are ready to explode. The flavor is called “Firework,” and includes creme filled with “popping candy” — which means unofficial Pop Rocks. The cookies, which were first announced back in February, are available in select stores starting today. Oreo also announced a social media contest as they search for their next flavor idea. Today through July 14, you can submit flavor ideas on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and […]

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