Bride hitchhikes to wedding after limo gets flat tire

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BROOKLINE, N.H. — In this day in age, people are weary of giving roadside strangers a lift. But what if you came across a hitchhiker needing a ride to get hitched?

As if brides don't have enough to worry about on their big day, Angelique Aresenault had to hitch hike to her wedding after the limo toting her and her bridal party broke down.

"It didn't even seem real at the time, but it happened," Arsenault said.

She said five minutes after leaving her house with her bridesmaids and family members in tow, the limo suddenly pulled over.

“The limo driver gets out of the car, I'm like 'It's fine.' He gets back in, opens up the back window, and says, 'you've got a flat tire,'" maid of honor Katie McQueen said.

Well, these bride said nothing a little bubbly can't fix!

“We just laughed about it,” Arsenault said.

She said the rural road where the limo broke down isn't exactly booming with traffic, and those who did drive by seemed more entertained than helpful.

“We actually had cars driving by us and they just took pictures and left, and then finally someone actually stopped to see if we need a ride,” she said.

The man willing to lend a hand had a car full of kids, but he didn't let that stop him from coming to the rescue.

He dropped off his children and then returned to pick up the anxious bride and her posse. He drove the women seven miles to the wedding venue where the nervous groom was starting to sweat.

The wedding was delayed 30 minutes, Arsenault said. On the other hand, the untimely event did add a lifelong memory to the big day.

“It pretty much made the whole day," Arsenault said. "Everyone was laughing all night about it. It's going to be a story we'll remember forever."

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