Will the Legends affect the ‘Arrow’-verse?

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When you’re dealing with multiple shows in a shared universe, what happens on one must impact the others. It’s a lesson “The Flash” learned earlier in the season after Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) caused Flashpoint, which left “Arrow’s” John Diggle (David Ramsey) with a son instead of a daughter.

Now it seems the Legends of Tomorrow are the latest culprit — but the changes they’ve made are on a much grander scale than anything even Barry could dream up. In their battle against the Legion of Doom, reality itself has been massively altered. When that happened, the world became a much more miserable place, with many of our favorite heroes – from The Flash to Black Canary — dead.

What does this do for the other shows in the shared “Arrow”-verse, though? From what we’ve seen so far, absolutely nothing. “Legends” is sort of playing in its own sandbox on this one and while, in theory, what happens there stretches across all of the CW superhero shows, chances are you’re not going to be seeing changes elsewhere.

Visit Screener for insight on how the Legends are treating time…

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