Inside South Florida: Joe’s Stone Crab

It’s cracking season!

South Florida’s staple,  Joe’s stone crab is back open for business bringing fresh stone crabs from the southern tip of the peninsula to Miami beach.

And what differentiates Joe’s Stone crabs is the way they cook and prepare them.

" What they do is they catch the crab, pull the claw off and throw the crab back in the water. The claw is regenerated and those claws go to one of our two fishery's, one is down in the Keys and one is south of Naples. Once these crabs are in our fisheries, they are cooked, iced, graded and brought here the very next day," says Brian Johnson, General Manger, Joe's Stone Crab.

If you don’t like seafood, try the fried chicken.

" Obviously the fried chicken is a huge staple here at Joe's, who would think at Joe's being such an iconic restaurant serving just a great dish like fried chicken but our fish program, off the charts. Our steak program, we cut everything in house, age everything in house so if you're not a stone crab lover we defiantly have something here for you at Joe's, says Andre Bienvenu, Executive Chef, Joe's Stone Crab.

Joe’s has been serving stone crabs since 1913 and has remained in the family, serving seafood to everyone including celebrities like Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton, and Miley Cyrus.

Joe’s is one of the official restaurant pop-up cafes at the South Beach Seafood Festival going down next week, October 16th through the 20th.

Three-time Chef Showdown champion,  executive chef Andre will be there, but he will be judging the competition this time around.

"This time I have to pass the torch on to my Executive Sous Chef, David. He's in good hands, I'll watch him very carefully," says  Bienvenu.

The Chef Showdown is happening on Friday, October 19th.

For more information or to buy tickets visit


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