Inside South Florida: A Fitness Game Changer

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Heather Frey is the founder of Smashfit and the creator of the “30 Day Change Challenge” which can help achieve your fitness goals.  She is also an Ace Certified Personal Trainer, a former figure competitor,  and a fitness model.

"The Change Challenge is different from other fitness challenges.  It takes the focus away from the scale and focuses on what you need to do because its the actions that are going to get you there.  Changing your mindset and deciding this is the time that I'm going to wake up, eat breakfast, and go to the gym.  I'm going to bypass all the cupcakes at the office party," says Creator of the Change Challenge, Heather Frey.

Sure, it sounds good, but you might be thinking I’d like to do it but I’m too busy. I just don’t have the time.

"One of the biggest excuses you hear in fitness is I don't have time and I'm tired.  I don't have time is saying I don't have time to make a choice.  Of course you do.  You have time when you're in the grocery store to walk pass the junk food and throw in a little extra fruit, start looking more of the healthier things, and what are the healthy food options you can make.  A little preparation goes a long way," said Frey.

Heather is incredibly passionate about this because she’s done it herself.   She believes in it fully and believes that change starts in the mind.

Frey says, "I was so sick and tired of feeling mad at myself and angry.  I beat up on my reflection constantly.  It is so much easier to do the right thing, than it is to beat yourself up everyday."

If you want Heather to customize a change challenge specifically for you, send her an email at

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