Inside South Florida: Midtown Creamery

Nothing cools off a hot day in Miami like a scoop of really good ice cream. Welcome to Midtown Creamery, where you can have crazy flavors that will change your life.

"The secret ingredient is fanaticism. I want it done right, I wanna be the ice cream people remember on their deathbed," said Andrew Rodriguez, Co-owner of Midtown Creamery.

Andrew and his wife Suzanne, a nurse, opened the shop almost two years ago. They came down from Brooklyn, New York, brought down some of what they did there, and added a whole new tropical flair to their flavors.

Midtown Creamery serves 16 flavors on a rotating basis, and the flavors are, as I said earlier, crazy good.

"Our best seller is Nutella-Oreo, followed by cake batter with sprinkles, and cookie-palooza is a great mix of chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cookies, and chocolate fudge. On the tropical side we have an incredible passionfruit ice cream, which we pair with a great guava and cream cheese cookie," said Rodriguez.

Why get a normal cone, when you can get the bubble waffle cone. You can even eat ice cream in a bowl made out of your favorite cereal,  talk about reliving your childhood dreams.

"We make our cereal bowls in house, the first thing we are going to do is heat up some marshmallows, then we are going to pour in our favorite cereal and make sure it gets mixed up really really well, and make sure there is a good balance of cereal and marshmallow to make sure it stays together. Now we take a bowl and use it as a mold and shape our cereal bowl. You can add whatever flavor ice cream and whatever toppings you want to the cereal bowl," said Rodriguez.

Midtown Creamery is located at 2690 NE Second Ave. for more information check out their website


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