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A Behind the Scenes look at Carnival Studios in Davie!

Posted: 11:43 AM, Sep 24, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-24 11:43:33-04

If you ever wondered where cruise ship performers get their acts together, we’ve got the answers. Welcome to Carnival Studios! The 44,500 square foot production facility in Davie, Florida has 21 studios, where performers spend up to six weeks perfecting their routines before boarding.

"This is the building blocks for all of our entertainment on the ships. All of our dancers, singers, musicians, and technicians come here prior to getting on the ship to learn all of the shows and parts they play on board", said Kerry Stables Director, Creative Development.

Over a thousand team members come through the studio every year and if you ever wondered what goes behind creating a show, it takes about a year to develop and then comes rehearsal. 

"Cast comes in and we spend about 12 days on a new show where they learn all their vocals, staging and choreography. Some of our shows have musicians in it, so the show you see being rehearsed behind me is a show that incorporates the rock band and the three horns. They're in a different studio in the beginning rehearsing what they need for the show and then they come into the development studio to put it all together", said Stables.

Carnival’s performers, who put on about 12,000 shows every year range from first-timers to veterans who’ve been entertaining guests aboard its ships for over seven years. Among the veterans is Rebecca, who left her accounting job to pursue her dream.

"I love that I get to do something that I enjoy for my living. Not everybody gets that in life. I'm really grateful who I've met over the years, I have great friends now. My ship friends are like my family", said Rebecca Vignola, Playlist Cast Manager.