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South Floridians Continue Hurricane Dorian Relief for Bahamas

Posted: 1:31 PM, Sep 24, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-24 13:32:02-04

South Floridians continue to volunteer, donate and ship much needed relief supplies to the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. The people at Hope 4 Hope Town organized shipments at Dania beach, organizers of this massive effort planned at least 100 trips to the Bahamas to make deliveries.

"We're sending it over by ships and air, we're just trying to get to the people. Once we're there with the ships and the plane, we will use the empty ships and planes to transport people to Nassau or if they have a passport, bring them back to the United States.  Everybody's doing it pro bono, everybody's bringing their relationships and everything they have to the table to just try and help people and do what we can . We were really blessed to miss this storm and are very appreciative of that", said Christopher Rotella, Hope 4 Hope Town Organizer.

"They're our neighbor, and to have a catastrophe so close where we escaped the danger. We can't sleep at night knowing how they are suffering. So we opened up the doors of our restaurant at Riverside Market group, we have three of them. All restaurants plus Tarpon River Brewing have been a drop off point, we are running about 20 truck loads per day from each facility here", said Julian Seigel, Owner, Riverside Market.

"It's been tremendous, and unprecedented from what we were expecting", said Wendy Ulma, Volunteer Captain.

"At any given time we had 50 to 100 people standing here, unloading boxes. We have sent out seven trailer tractor loads full and complete.  Unbelievable people just keep showing up to help dropping off stuff. It is the human element at its finest", said Ed Biggie, Volunteer, Atlantic Yacht & Ship.