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  • 7-Eleven to give $7,111 to baby born July 11 at 7:11 p.m., weighing 7 lbs. 11 ozs.

    ST. LOUIS – 7-Eleven is donating an auspicious amount of money to the college fund of a St. Louis girl who was born on July 11 at 7:11 p.m. weighing seven pounds and 11 ounces – $7,111. Rachel Langford of St. Louis gave birth to daughter J’Aime Brown baby girl on 7-Eleven day, July 11 — yes, 7/11. “After catching wind of the incredible news, 7-Eleven decided to pledge $7,111 to the newborn’s college fund to honor her entry to […]

  • They showered in contact lenses, then lost vision

    A scary reminder to wearers of contacts to take them out before showering or swimming. Two UK patients were left legally blind in one eye after contracting a rare parasitic eye infection linked to water, reports Live Science. A 41-year-old woman described two months of pain, blurry vision, and light sensitivity in her left eye before doctors found a defect in her cornea, according to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine. The woman was ultimately diagnosed with Acanthamoeba keratitis, a parasitic […]

  • 10 most admired men, women in the world

    Michelle Obama is not only the most admired woman in America, but also in the world, according to new poll. Market research firm YouGov asked 42,000 people in 41 countries to name the men and women they most look up to, and Obama’s name came up a lot, along with her husband’s. Barack Obama is not the most admired man in the world, however. Neither is President Trump (14), who will not be happy to learn that he sits four spots below Vladimir […]

  • This Denver flight attendant still takes to the skies – 30 years after surviving a deadly crash

    GOLDEN, Colo. — Thirty years after they nearly died in a plane crash, a group of survivors gathered in Golden Friday night to remember those who didn’t make it out alive. Among them was a flight attendant who didn’t let the near-death experience force her out of the job she loves. The men and women were among the 185 people who walked away from the wreckage of United Flight 232. The crash killed 112 passengers. The anniversary gathering was held at […]

  • Colorado police officer donates liver lobe, panhandles to pay for recipient’s bills

    BROOMFIELD, Colo. — It’s not every day you see a police officer panhandling on a corner, but Officer Carolyn Becker is doing just that, hoping to raise $20,000 for a unique cause. Last August, Becker donated a portion of her liver to an 11-year-old Colorado boy whose liver was failing. The boy’s insurance paid for Becker’s portion of the surgery, but not his own. “I found out that his family owes $20,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses. They had tried a […]

  • This California teen has mastered 107 musical instruments – and counting

    ELK GROVE, Calif. — For Neil Nayyar, sound is his thing. It has been for most of his life. When KTXL first visited him in November 2017, his mastery of 44 instruments had earned him the Assist Foundation’s world record for the youngest person with such a skill. Less than two years later, 13,-year-old Nayaar now has 107 sound machines in his repertoire. He’s mastered more instruments in 20 months than he had in his entire life when we first […]

  • Kansas mail carrier, community help 65-year-old woman get air conditioner

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — With the “feels like” temperatures in triple digits, it’s hard to find refuge from the heat. But one Kansas woman got the help she needs from an unlikely source: her mail carrier. “It makes me feel overwhelmed. I’m thankful, very thankful,” Lovie Weekly said. Weekly said her air conditioner broke years ago, and she never fixed it. Since that time, the 65-year-old woman who uses a wheelchair has been counting on her fans to keep her […]

  • Meet Leo! A 6 Month Old Kitten From HSBC

    Meet Leo! He’s a six month old kitten who needs a home! For more information on Leo or on other pets, head to

  • “The Lion King” cubs, Shahadi Joseph & JD McCrary, talk about the Disney Remake

    If you didn’t already know, there’s a remake to the Disney classic film “The Lion King”. And it’s visually astonishing! With a great film comes an incredible cast, including Donald Glover and Beyonce, who lead as Simba and Nala. Melissa Marrero got to hang with young and rising stars, Shahadi Wright Joseph and JD McCrary, who play the spunky lion cubs. The two are very familiar with the film, as they’ve performed The Lion King original on Broadway dozens of […]

  • Marvel Studios Comes to San Diego Comic Con

    The Superbowl for nerds and one of the biggest pop culture events in the world, San Diego Comic Con 2019 is now in full gear. Thousands of fans from all around the world gather in San Diego to celebrate the year that was in pop culture. Batwoman premieres this fall on the CW. But for fans at SDCC, they’ll be treated with a special screening of the show and a Q&A with the cast on Saturday. The big stand out […]

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