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  • Inside South Florida: Raise Money to Fight Marfan Syndrome

    On Sunday, January 27th, at TY Park in Hollywood, you can take part in the South Florida Walk for Victory, to raise money to for The Marfan Foundation, and raise awareness about Marfan Syndrome. Former Miami Dolphin Kendall Langford and his wife Cristin are the event’s co-chairs, and it’s a cause that means a great deal to them. “Its a walk that’s put on by the Marfan Foundation, the South Florida chapter, people come out from all over. My wife and I lost […]

  • Celebrate Wellness: Resolution Solutions

      Did you know 80% of people do not keep their resolutions. Here are tips to turn top resolutions into a promise we can keep. Looking for more energy? Stop hitting the snooze button. Instead keep your wake up time consistent so your body falls into a rhythm. Want to eat healthier? Commit to keeping all junk food out of the house. Want to exercise more? Try a few new activities until you find one that you love. Commit to […]

  • Cheap Seats: Miami Heat Preview

    Here’s a look at what your favorite NBA team the Miami Heat is up to this week. It’s an action packed week with four games. Tonight, Miami heads to Boston to face one of the Heat’s biggest rivals, the Celtics. Boston is among the top teams in the Eastern Conference and they boast one of the best home records in the NBA, so that figures to be a tough battle. On Wednesday, Miami’s back home to square off against the […]

  • Paws and Claws: Adopt a New Furry Friend Today!

    There are plenty of animals waiting to be adopted at the Humane Society of Broward County. So stop in today to take a look at all of the adorable animals that they have to offer. For more information go to  

  • Comic Connoisseur: “Spider-Man: Far From Home” Trailer

    Earlier this week Marvel studios and Sony pictures released a teaser trailer for “Spiderman: Far From Home.” We have so many questions towards this movie since this will be the first film after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” Here’s what we know: Peter is heading to Europe! Peter will be heading across the pond with all of his friends for a school trip and he decides that he will not be bringing the spidey suit. Im sure nothing can go […]

  • Cheap Seats: G21 Fitness

     G21 Fitness in Oakland Park is not only visually cool, it’s pretty intensive. In fact, it’s one-stop shopping for exercise. No matter your fitness needs, they’ve got plenty for you to do. “We have personal training, we have stretch 101, we have group training, we have massages and infrared sauna, private bathrooms. We invest in the quality of the space and the quality of the trainers. The most important thing for us is to have trainers that can offer the […]

  • Teen pulls more than 50,000 golf balls from ocean near golf courses

    Two years ago, a central California teen began what NPR calls a “Sisyphean task”—hauling hundreds of pounds of golf balls off the ocean floor, only to have them reenter the sea as golfers from five nearby golf courses (including Pebble Beach) hit them right back in. Alex Weber was just 16 when she first discovered the shocking sight while free diving. “You couldn’t see the sand,” she says, noting the seafloor was “completely white” from the sheer number of balls. And thus […]

  • Screen Time: A South Florida Cinema Star

    South Florida native Shawn Snyder has made it from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, California. He’s a filmmaker, and the writer/director of the new movie “To Dust.” “To Dust is about a Hasidic cantor who’s wife passes away and he struggles and fails to find religious, sort of spiritual emotional solace, but his grief is manifesting itself as this need to understand what’s happening to her body physically as she’s decomposing. Then to embark on what amounts to an increasingly literal […]

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda changes lyrics to blast fan filming Hamilton show

    Lin-Manuel Miranda made an impromptu edit to one of the numbers in his acclaimed Hamilton Wednesday night after he spotted a woman filming a performance in Puerto Rico. While performing One Shot, Miranda noticed the audience member pointing a camera at the stage, the BBC reports. So, thinking (or rapping, actually) on his feet, he slipped a new line into the song: “I’m a get a scholarship to King’s College, I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish, lady Filming in the […]

  • Fortnite security flaw exposed 80 million accounts

    CARY, N.C. – A major security flaw in a popular video game exposed millions of players to hacking risks, according to Forbes. More than 80 million players around the world are obsessed with Fortnite, a multiplayer game of survival that allows players to use real money to buy video game currency. Last fall, a security flaw allowed hackers to log into accounts without a password, according to information security group Check Point Research. The group published this video explaining their […]